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Flint's Edge

A small town on the edge of the Terrorzine Jungle and Breaker Bay. It is an expeditionary town founded in 1357 AoS to explore the Terrorzine Jungle. As the expeditions came back it was clear that fortifications would be needed as they came across a strong presence of lizardfolk deep within the jungle. Regular raiding parties from the lizardfolk have hardened the population and forced them to move the town within the walls of the fort. Overtime additional fortifications where erected increasing the footprint of the town.   The population is boosted by a military unit from the Kingdom of Ruvrock to help protect the small town. Little is know as to why the king insists on keeping this town occupied. There have been several attempts to persuade the king to evacuate the town and abandon it. Some say it is the stubbornness of the dwarven king, some say there is something the king is searching for, and yet other say it is something more sinister.

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