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Falls Reach

A medium sized city built on the side of a cliff at the mouth of the Silvermerrow River. The seaport is guarded by massive stone walls with two massive stone towers. Between the two towers are iron gates that hold the water from the Silvermerrow river at a certain level while the tide is not in. Water runs over the gates normally creating nearly a nearly 500 ft waterfall that spills into Breaker Bay. Twice a month, the 12th and 24th of every month, the tides of Breaker Bay surge up the cliffs to the depth of approximately 500 feet allowing entry via the bay into the city.  


Society: Dwarven   Population | Size: ~4,753   Demographics | Percentage(s): Primarily Dwarf, but decent populations of Humans and Halflings   Culture(s): Topside Dwarven, Spider Silk Farmers, Traders, and a decent military presence   Ruler(s) | Founder(s): Part of the Kingdom of Ruvrock and was founded...   Religion(s) | Faith(s):   Transportation: Hand rikshaw drivers around town, sea faring ships, and the Molten Platform   Event(s) | Celebration(s):


  • Falls Reach

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