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The Icepeaks

The Icepeaks are an enormous section of the continent directly east, extending south, of the former reaches of Talia Carte, consisting of multiple mountain ranges crossing over one another to form very few traversable passes, even during the spring thaws. Multiple low-elevation vales lie in between the ranges; the soil would actually make excellent farmland, but the residents are not farmers.  

The People of the Peaks

  Barbarian tribes consisting mostly of mammoth riders and berserkers claim dominance over this area, challenged only by the Cryptomages: moderate spellcasters who utilize strange devices they insist are based in science not unlike the potions of alchemists. Several hundred years past, the Cryptomages thought to enslave the nomadic mammoth riders as a brute force for various purposes in the mountain range they share; the tribes explained what they thought of the idea by way of mammoth-trampled vehicles and metal servants. The Cryptomages have long ago written the idea off after their initial losses, but the tribes are slow to forget such an action, and now regard any non-tribe-members in the area suspiciously at best.

Mountain range

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