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Eostredei (YOH-stər-day)

Donning bright colored clothing and carved wooden shoes called "clogs", the people of Pax celebrate and adore the much-loved goddess Eostre. Jigs and reels are danced and spun, respectively, and the shoes worn for the occasion clomp out a booming rhythmic pattern that is so compelling, even the infamously chaste and pure Queen Chastian would join in the revelry!


Time, as a general rule, is not as linear as most people think. It is too wound up with space. Then there's spacetime, which is a whole nother thing altogether. It is not 'space' and 'time'; it is 'spacetime'. One thing. Yes, yes, mister Grognar; I can move it along. Straight along to the headmaster's office, yes? Our Dean is a stickler for discipline, after all, and I would hate to deprive him of the pleasure I am sure beating you with a cane would provide. Ah, yes? Are we all paying attention now? Wonderful. Now, as I was saying before our budding young comedian here opened his pie-hole, time is not as linear as you would expect. There are forces at play that I have neither the time, nor the inclination, to teach you blockheads. The finer points of Einsteinian theory are quite beyond your ken. So, just do your best to follow along. And Blagmar? Do keep up, will you? The festival of Eostre has relatively recent roots, but it is ancient and interminable at the same time. Eostre is, technically, the 'Goddess of the Radiance of the Dawn'. Yes, write that down. She is worshipped the world around; after all, who does not love the radiance of the dawn? But personally? I believe most of you horny young adults know her as the goddess of fertility and sensation. Sex. Humping. Getting laid. Yes, yes, there you go, get it out of your system. Oh hmm, yes, Xur, quite funny. Hiding salami, yes, yes. Are we done yet? You are supposed to all be adults in this class.
So, then; Eostre is not considered a Greater Deity by most of her pantheon. But I ask you this; what would you say if I told you her strength is provided by the copulation of all things, throughout all of time?


People don colorful clothing that boast stripes of alternating red and white, zig zag patterns being all the current fashion rave. Wooden shoes are worn while dancing traditional reels and jigs. Feasts are held, and people eat, drink, and make merry among the many tallow candles (unlit during the day) that are placed around the revelers by the children of the village, or neighborhood, or sept, or concave. Whatever, man, you know what I mean. No, I don't want you to scribe that part, Jenks, you fool. Where was I? Yes...the children of the village place hundreds of tallow candles, in special tin holders, all over the village, town...all around the people partying in the vicinity, wherever they are gathering. Once the sun sets, the married folk begin to light (and ensure the safety of!) the candles. And, if they were to follow the traditions of the ancients, NSFW!
have sex right there
, being blessed by a Priestess of Eostre the entire time. NSFW!
The kinkier the better, from what the records show; the more powerful the resultant orgasm, the more powerful the prayer to Eostre. The priestesses say it has to do with the wetness produced "therein", allowing the seed greater purchase. In times long past, this part of the ritual was enjoyed with zest. It has fallen quite out of practice, however, and now; couples, married or not, make-out and feel each other up
within the flickering candle rings after all of the children have been herded off. Like cats.

Components and tools

Bright, red-and-white striped clothing, carved wooden shoes, and a consenting sexual partner or two. Three, depending on your stamina. After sundown, it could be argued that NSFW!
sex toys are also ritual components
, and many of the Kingdoms' lovers adhere to this policy quite strictly.


We have gone over the participation of partnered up people; "couples", if you will. However, the single folks of the world have quite an important role in this entire proceeding. At first, it's quite practical; they ensure the safety of the children, and make sure no fires are started accidentally. When sunset comes, it is their job to put out these fires with buckets of water. This water, every single time (seemingly), misses the candles rather badly. It does land squarely upon some nearby, innocent couple, who are usually NSFW!
playing tonsil-hockey at the brow of the hill
(or someplace equally romantically alluring).   The next day, upon awaking, the leftovers are given to the needy in Eostre's name; which pleases Her.


Feasting and revelry begin Juno 19th, and lasts through the 24th. The Rites of the Dawn are performed on the 23rd and 24th.
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