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Captain Roddy

Captain Roddy Bludvayne

The masked captain of the Corsaires, Roddy has a vicious and bloody reputation as horrifying as he is mysterious. Face hidden behind a mask that is said to possess magical powers of observation, Roddy and his ship, the Bleak Revenge, have been terrorizing the Zephyrean islands of the Southern Skies.
Wearing a blue and gold jacket, commonly called a 'duster' amongst groundlings, Cap'n Roddy mercilessly drives his crew into working at peak efficiency. He and his officers plan to rule the skies, one day, taking all of the wealth they can get their hands on along the way.   The air pirate preaches a prosperity gospel that stresses his crew's right to whatever they want, rationalizing it as them being the "Storm King's Chosen". He is a gifted orator and inspirational speaker, with a special talent for intimidation.    He is rumored to lower recalcitrant crew and hostages overboard, and fly them around trees and forests until they are beaten to death by the objects he drags them through.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

No one is sure where Cap'n Roddy is from, or who he was before he became the King of the air pirates. He wears a steel mask with lenses that hide even his eyes, and his clothing covers every inch of his skin. All that is known about him is that he has brown hair, and can be a truly cruel tormentor. 


The cap'n believes in taking what he wants, when he wants it.
Other Ethnicities/Cultures
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
White skin
180 lbs.

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