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Noyade Crowfeather

Unknown (a.k.a. Crow)

Physical Description

Body Features

Noyade is rather standard in appearance as far as many tieflings go. Their skin is violet in tone but light enough to not be considered very dark.   Their hair falls in thick, navy blue tresses down to the middle of their back. Noya's hair retains a very slight natural curl and is normally kept in a loose braid that's often adorned with black crow feathers.

Facial Features

Their eyes are a bright and golden yellow - the sclera of which are barely discernible from their irises by a thin band of molten gold.

Identifying Characteristics

Noya's horns lie right behind their hairline and are a far darker violet than their skintone. They are rather short as far as tiefling horns tend to be, curling back away from their face and following the curve of their skull. Noyade's tail is of average length and width, ending in the classic spearhead look.   Their body is littered with pale scars of varying ages and severities - a tell of their violent past and former occupation. The only body alteration that Noyade has willingly partaken in is a rather massive tattoo of two crows that spans across the backs of their shoulders.

Specialized Equipment

Noyade's Amulet

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born into poverty within the Reman Empire, Noyade was given a much different name by their mother though they no longer remember what she had called them. They have very little living memory of the time before they were taken in by (or perhaps even sold to) The Flight - a guild of lethal assassins known within the empire.   They grew up among other apprentices, many of which came to be with the guild in a similar manner as Noyade. Their childhood was a utilitarian one, controlled beneath an iron fist to be molded into one of the deadliest blades working within the shadows of the Empire. There were only two options for them at the time: learn or die.   So they learned.   Their coming of age ritual - and official initiation into guild as one of The Flight's prized assassins - came in the form of their first kill. It's perhaps the only mark that Noyade can remember ever single specific detail of. It didn't go as planned, as few first anythings do, and after having their position revealed to their target, Noya was forced to drown him - holding him down in the water of the bath he had been relaxing in until he ceased living. Far from their cleanest hit, but by far the most intimate and most scarring.   It was how Noyade earned their name, and was bestowed with the operative name Crow - named after a bird as all The Flight's assassins are.   They worked for The Flight as a mindless weapon for a few years before they lost taste for it - if they ever had a taste for it to begin with. Killing has never been a glorious thing for Noyade, and one can only experience so much of it before it simply becomes disdainful. Despite knowing that the idea of leaving the guild was as good as signing their own death warrant, they did just that.   They left and traveled far into the lands of the Oremain Kingdom, and eventually into its capital, Lavatisbra. Though living on the run is hardly a good life, it was a free one, and Noyade thrived as well as they could be expected to. It was there in the capital that they met Sirimiri, a half-elf cleric who seemed to be utterly unbothered by their very-stained past.   They became good friends, despite being polar opposites, and though Noya has lived their entire life knowing that the only thing they can rely on for protection is their own blade, at some point they began to extend that to Miri as well. So when she decided that she was going to turn to the adventurer's guild, it was hardly a question that Noyade would follow.


Way of the Assassin

Born a street rat and taken in by The Flight, Noyade received the standard education of any cut-throat - that is, they learned to kill with efficiency. Along with these teachings came with a healthy dose of deceptive and manipulative tactics. They learned how to observe and mimic others for means of infiltration.  

Skill Decay

Despite the fact that they worked as an assassin for a few years before leaving their guild, the time that they've spent away and the years they've spent living in a stable environment has led to a decay in the skill they once had. Though they are still capable with a bow and a blade, they are still relearning their more intricate skills.

Mental Trauma


Noyade has a (quite irrational) fear of large bodies of water. Their first mark as an assassin-in-training left a lasting impression on their psyche. They will avoid any significant body of water if they can. This includes their decision to bathe via buckets of water rather than choosing to submerge their body into a bath.

Intellectual Characteristics


Though never receiving what most would consider to be a formal education, Noyade is surprisingly adept with words - spoken and (especially) written. Part of their training for an assassin of The Flight entailed them learning to mimic the speech and writing patterns of nobles, and it forced them to learn an eloquence-of-phrase that they have retained.

Personality Characteristics

Virtues & Personality perks

They are patient, almost unerringly so. Noyade can wait almost endlessly for an outcome if they know that it will play to their favor. They are keenly observant of their surroundings and prefer to approach things with a soft touch when possible.   Noyade is loyal, not to institutions but to specific individuals that have earned their trust. They cherish the few, true bonds that they have made and will hold onto them with everything that they have.

Vices & Personality flaws

Noyade is slow to trust those around them, tending to be overtly suspicious of even the most kindhearted of souls. They tend to be rather apathetic to the plights of others, unwilling to sacrifice unless the reward for doing so is great enough to justify it. They are rather unafraid to be manipulative and deceitful if they believe the situation calls for it.

Personality Quirks

Lucky Coin

For a creature that generally avoids religious affiliation or superstitious beliefs, Noyade does have a single silver coin that they keep on their person at all times. The coin is old and worn - the metal polished into a bright shine as a result of repeatedly having fingers rubbed across its surface. Though any insignia and impressions that might have once been pressed into the metal of the coin have long been indecipherable, one side is slightly raised in a shape that may have once been a bird (Noya denotes this side as the Heads side of the coin).


Contacts & Relations

Sirimiri Amakiir

Though initially Noyade wanted very little to do with Sirimiri upon meeting her, the half-elf's insistence and unabashed kindness rather quickly won them over. She offered a safe haven for Noya within the city of Lavatisbra and they have grown very close over the years. When Miri made to leave for the Adventurers Guild of the Oremain Kingdom, Noyade followed. They are determined to keep her safe and show her an element of softness that they possess for few others.  

Alaric Kerensky


Rolando de la Vega


The Flight (Former)

As a former assassin of The Flight which primarily operates out of the Reman Empire (specifically in the capitol, Rema), Noyade knows that there is a target on their back since that's not an affiliation that people just willingly walk out of. It has, however, been years since they left Reman behind, and several since they saw any sign of The Flight on their trail. Though they know better than to think they've completely escaped the clutches of their former life.  


A drow, rogue assassin that acted as Noyade's mentor through their childhood and adolescent years. Rather infamous for his quick temper and reluctance to allow for leniency of any kind, Noya has very few good memories of him.  


A tiefling, rogue assassin that was brought into The Flight around the same time as Noyade. They grew up watching each other's backs and were as close to friends as any can be in their situation. When Noyade made to leave, Kite was the only person they told.


Though they are content to stay quiet and let the rest of their party members take the lead whenever social interaction is required, Noyade has a relatively careful manner of speech when prompted. They are, however, rather quick to resort to biting sarcasm when the spotlight isn't on them.

Honorary & Occupational Titles
Year of Birth
3064 26 Years old
The Reman Empire
Gender Identity
AFAB Non-binary
Golden Yellow
Navy Blue
Known Languages
Common, Infernal
Character Prototype
character art by BoissB

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Articles under Noyade Crowfeather



Episode Eight

It feels as if we have been in these woods for far too many days and nights, but Feyfice assures us that now that she has what she needs to create the necessary cure now that the guardian of this place has been dealt with. Our journey back into Darovizh was swift, and with little more than a dismissal we were left to find lodgings for the night within civilization once again.   It did not surprise me that Sirimiri's first request is a visit to the local temple. What did come as more of a shock was a certain fighter's willingness to tag along... even if the sentiment was short lived and he was soon off with Roland to the nearest tavern, the way Miri's eyes lit up at the idea of all of us coming was nice to see.   She likes them, I can tell. And myself..? Well... I think I may be coming to trust them a lot more than I originally intended.   Maybe.   After Sirimiri concluded what she wanted to do at the temple (and after I caught a few moments of rest), we met up with the boys at the nearby inn, I bore witness to one of the most unsatisfying games of Lanceboard imaginable, and we turned in for the night. The quality of these rooms was perhaps not to the same extent as the place we stayed in the last time we were here, but after a few nights camping, a bed was a welcome change.   We concluded our business with Barron Korina the following day, managed to avoid Miri gifting away our payment, and set off back on the road once again. We have been out travelling for many days at this point, and it seems we are stopped at each settlement we cross, tasked with new things. Once we set back into the dense forested area, we are able to proceed with mostly swift, unadulterated travels.   On one of the evenings, we did encounter what I would consider a disturbed creature, however. It spoke in tongues I did not understand, though Miri and Alaric seemed to be able to communicate with it for all the good it did us. It was not a challenging endeavor, and I did manage to get a blade off of its corpse once it had been dealt with. A sense of foreboding does linger in its wake, however. We had been warned that the ambiguous state of this Totem has put the area into a state of unrest that has led to attacks.   I can't help but to wonder if this is related.   Regardless, Frostvale Castle is within our sights now. Hopefully within the days to come, we will have this situation sorted and be on our way back to the familiarity of Lavatisbra. With how our track record has been up until this point, however, I find it difficult to remain optimistic.

Episode One

There are many people here in the guild, more than I feel comfortable with having around at all times, but there is nothing to be done. We are all here under the same cause, so to speak. Though I heed my suspicions, I can recognize that the people here mean well.   Now that we are a certified party, our Quest Auxiliary, Elawraek, has sent us on what could best be described as a quest to fetch basic necessities. He sent us to the guild's Arcanist, Orcn Mossy Grab-Grab Orryn Musgraben, who then sent us out into the Capital to retrieve some mana crystals. Though little more than a chore, I recognize this as a job befitting of our positions as new recruits.   So it's not my place to question.   As agreed upon, we stopped at Zall's Enchantment Emporium to pick up basic supplies where the shop keep, Zallaman, apparently had a very special item for me. An amulet ( Noyade's Amulet ) that he claimed was given to him by a "little birdy" and could tell me nothing more. While I have always been aware of the precariousness of my position, and the relative state of my anonymity, this is the first time that The Flight has done anything but strike without warning upon discovering my location. Hopefully I will have time to look into this matter once things with the guild have settled.   Kite, I wonder if you are well.   I did not quite care to pay much attention to the rest of our journey with the other three willing to take the lead, I will admit. My eyes strayed to alleyways and rooftops. I am not quite sure if I look forward to the day my new guild affiliation will take me away from the Capital, or if these binds I've willingly walked into will be my undoing.   In any case, the mana crystals for the guild's Arcanist were fetched with moderate ease - though if I see another moving painting again in my life, I will do more than put a single arrow hole into it.

Pre-Episodic Thoughts

I cannot help to feel moderately skeptical about this entire endeavor. When Sirimiri ( Sirimiri Amakiir ) proposed to me that she was going to join the Adventurer's Guild, I was not entirely convinced that it was anything more than the wistful wishes of a woman that has known very few things in her time. She told me of the relic, and told me of her goals, but I simply could not juxtapose the innocent visage of Miri facing the harrowing challenges that being an adventurer would lay before her.   It seems that the joke is on me, however, as we're here now, and we have been accepted into the ranks as novice adventurers.   Alongside are two others that we have been assigned to work with: Rolando de la Vega, the warlock, and Alaric Kerensky, the fighter.   The warlock has sharp eyes and a knowing gaze. He has not spoken much, but when he does his words hold weight and conviction. He could probably convince a beggar out of their earnings, not that he has a moral compass black enough for it. He reminds me of the aristocrats I learned and mimicked years ago. I can't help but to wonder if I could learn Rolando's manners the same way, but I am not sure if I want to. He's keeping his cards close to his chest, and I don't know if I wish to find out what secrets he keeps.   The fighter I cannot help but to feel wary of. He has the kind off skill that speaks of field experience and a ruthlessness about him that is commendable. It is, however, the storms in his eyes that reflect his long-gone-battlefields that give me pause. He seems almost... aimless and without purpose. Perhaps he is seeking that here.   I'm not quite sure what to expect in the days to come. What I am certain of is that my days of peace here it Lavatisbra have now come to an end, and there is a blade in my hands once again.

Downtime Preferences

Things Noyade wants to do:
    • Noya is aware that Miri wants to bring Stryx to the temple, they'll accompany her for that.
    • Further investigation on how to get Kite connected with Lavatisbra's Spymaster.
    • Gear upgrade? (I'll look into this before the session tomorrow)
Things do to during downtime: Training (melee & ranged); knowing that The Flight might be right around the corner has definitely made Noya paranoid and they'll want to be at their best if they should have to cross blades with any assassins. Poison Crafting; if possible. They have proficiency with the poisoner's kit and will want to be as prepared as possible to deal with upcoming things. Bonding with Pancake; Noyade is... oddly fond of the horse that Miri procured for them. They've named him Pancake, and probably spend a fair bit of time chilling with him.


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