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The world of Tellest is vast and varied. Gaston Camlann, one of the leading historians of the human race, has said that there are infinite possibilities that abound throughout the lands, the deep oceans, and the treacherous underworld.

While Tellest can be beautiful, it can also be cruel. Scattered across the globe, the goodly races struggle to make the most of their lives while protecting their lives and livelihood against the darker races, like the gnolls, the lagano, and the goblins. The deep oceans are filled with even stranger evils, like murkgills and levians.

Yet, among all the frightening unknowns, the humans, the dwarves, and even the elves have banded together to push forward. Though cataclysmic events like the demon wars and the rise of the great dragon Batrura have shaped the world, the people who call Tellest home are not easily deterred.

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Cora has reached out to heroes to save the world from demonic forces