Don't worry I ... m fine rea ... lly ... it's not as bad as it is ... made out to be.
Samtaral Tanetra while afflicted with stutterstone
  Stutterstone, or as it is called in scientific circles: Acute Intermittent Petrification, is an affliction that causes the victim to randomly turn to stone for short periods of time.   Its colliquial name has been derived from the effect the condition has on a victims speech, as they get repeatedly interrupted in their sentences by being turned into stone.   Stutterstone is not lethal and causes no lasting damage, except maybe to the victims pride.


Stutterstone can be contracted by being stung multiple times by Basalt Wasps in a short period of time. While a single wasps magic is not strong enough to turn a medium sized creature into stone, multiple repeated exposures can cause this affliction.


When a creature contracts stutterstone they immediately petrify, only to turn back to their organic selves mere seconds later. Some time later they will turn to stone once more. This cycle will repeat until the magic has either worn off on it's own, or the creature is treated.   Depending on how often the creature was stung, the periods of petrification can last up to ten seconds and occur a mere one or two seconds apart. The length and frequency of the petrification will go down as the magic slowly dissipates. The longest known case of stutterstone lasted a full half hour before the condition wore off.


Because of the magical nature of stutterstone, one can easily remove the condition by casting Dispel Magic. Remove Curse is also known to work, due to the negative nature of the affliction.   An Antimagic Field stops the petrification from occuring, but does not remove the affliction. Keeping the victim in the field for the expected duration of the condition is however an effective "treatment".   Due to the affliction being rare and leaving no lasting damage, there has not been any research into any cures that do not need the assistance of a magic user.


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