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An anytool can be any tool. In it's base form it consists of two sets of interleaved metal plates sandwiched between two endpieces. The plates can be hinged out of the stack, and can turn into any shape the user can imagine. Extra hinges or other movable components can be made to appear anywhere on the tool to adjust it's shape and functionality to the users desire.   The tool can duplicate any tool the wielder can clearly visualize, but which contains only limited moving parts. The anytool cannot gain or loose mass or volume. The tool can be split, but the split-off parts will re-appear attached to the main piece after exactly 1 hour of being detached.   Examples of possible tools are: hammer, socket wrench, knife, hand-drill, block and tacke (without rope).
Examples of impossible tools are: Sledgehammer (too large and heavy), barbeque set (too large), belt-fed repeating crossbow (too complex), steam-powered automatic drill (too complex).   For those who want to aquire these impossible-to-anytool items anyways: For heavy-duty or sturdy tools: ask a smith (preferably dwarven), for complex contraptions: visit an artificer (gnomes are the best at this).
Item type
2 lbs
3 x 3 x 12 inches


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