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A form of communication used mainly by the The Coetus Doctrina, Arcanograms are small incorporeal visages that can relay information over large distances through the use of small scale teleportation circles. Quills are affixed with rune covered gemstones that are used to capture information and send it to a target rune circle, where the Arcanogram appears often in the form of a mouth or hooded figure that retells the contents of the message.
Access & Availability
Arcanograms are used mostly by various mage organizations, in particular the The Coetus Doctrina , to communicate over long distances. Some monarchs and kings use them, but they are finicky contraptions that require arcane knowledge on both ends to function and are expensive, thereby making more conventional means of communication a better option for the non-initiated.
The magic involved is not very complex, but the technology is not very reliable. The runequills often fail, and their gemstones often need to be replaced. The Arcanograms have been known to sometimes misinterpret the information, leading to some interesting messages.
They were invented by a wizard researching potential adaptions of the unseen servant spell at the college in the Silver Sanctum.The wizard discovered that he could modify the script of the spell and write it on the runes of a teleportation circle, and then through the use of sending stones connected to that circle he could have the unseen servant recant the message.

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