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1357 ED

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The Etherlight shines down upon Telandor, giving life and destruction through its vast power. Storms rage upon the land, and the Etherheart beats on, pulsating life throughout the planets core.


The Ether permeates all of existence in Telandor, like a mist of power it shines through all living things and offers life. Though the Ether exists everywhere, it converges in places around Telandor. Each biome of nature has at its core an Nodeheart, acting like the core of that biome, the Nodeheart is a place of tremendous power. It takes the form of whatever biome it is found in, for instance, in a forest it might take the form of a giant tree.  

The Heart and the Storm

At the core of the planet Telandor, sits the Etherheart. A vast crystalline heart that gives the planet life. It is thought that the Etherheart is what first formed at the dawn of the cosmos, and all living beings take their power from it. In contrast, at the surface of Telandor, magical storms called Etherstorms rage periodically, wreaking havoc and destruction. The etherheart offers order through its crystalline structures, while the Etherstorms convey passion and beauty through their blind power.    

The never-ending struggle

Order and Chaos, The heart and the Storm. These are expressions of the duality the permeates existence on Telandor. Its inhabitants constantly struggle to survive the harsh storms, and to bend nature to their will. Many advances have been made, such as the art of Ethercraft. The peoples have learnt to harness the power of the Ether, binding the storms light into Etherium crystals extracted from the planets core      

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