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The Aremians, Last to Acceptance

When Magic transitioned from something that lay in the hands of a select few to being at the fingertips of nearly everyone in the world, not all peoples of the world responded in the same way. Some cultures took to the new power right away, gathering witches and wizards from around the world to use as teachers to the newly endowed populace. Other cultures begrudgingly accepted the power, if only to guarantee themselves safety from foreign powers which would surely use the new power for themselves. And a select few cultures, those which valued tradition or which held strong beliefs against the use of Magic, attempted to reject magic in its entirety.   The Aremians were the pillars of this rejection of magic, and they are the most notable example of the nature of Magic in the world, and the inevitability of change. By its very nature, Magic changes to suit the needs and inclinations of its wielder. Try as they might, the Aremians had to accept the new paradigm, but their resistant attitude led them to a strong magical identity and inclination towards living independently of their magic. They strive to be strong on their own merits, and use their supernatural abilities as a way to strengthen their 'natural' attributes, and to ignore the effects of the Magic of others.   Because Aremian culture values teaching strongly, they have passed down generations of knowledge and skill in their narrow focuses of magic. Students seeking to become skilled sportsmen often seek an Aremian instructor, as skill in sports is believed to be "in their blood." It is often easier for individuals with Aremian heritage to be chosen for professional sports positions, whether as players, coaches, or even commentators and analysts.   In another vein, Aremian Nullifiers are highly sought for their ability to cancel magic which enhances their opponents. They are hired as bodyguards and hitmen alike, but these professions are frowned upon by Aremian culture at large. Countries with large Aremian populations have used them as a weapon against their enemies in the past, and there is a strong stigma in the culture against "being someone else's knife" again.


Shared customary codes and values

Aremians value the human body's natural abilities. In communities and households where their culture is dominant, training one's body to remain fit and healthy is all but required. Coupled with their strong inclination to hold to tradition, Aremians are often quite harsh to members of their society who allow themselves to stagnate physically, or who treat their bodies badly by eating or drinking in excess.    This is considered by those outside of Aremian culture to be a major flaw. Aremian cultural pressures can often drive individuals who are struggling to maintain their bodies deeper into a spiral where they are rejected by their peers. Of course, Aremian culture actually dictates that these individuals should be assisted by their peers in getting back on their feet, but people are cruel, and the cultural lessons which preach acceptance are too often the ones that are forgotten when it is convenient to do so.

Common Dress code

Aremians often dress in light clothing, which shows off their bodies. Many countries from which the cultures that are known as Aremian stemmed were situated in warm climates. Now, with Magic to warm their bodies or enchant their clothing, very traditional Aremians even go to the trouble of wearing light, revealing clothing in cold environs, intentionally standing out and flaunting their power over even biting chills. This can often make people of other cultural heritage uncomfortable, but is considered to be a largely harmless habit by all but the staunchest Xenophobes.


Beauty Ideals

According to Aremian culture, the ideal beautiful person is strong, with visible muscles, and participates skillfully in one or more sports. This person is generally thin, and knowledgeable about healthy living. They use their Magic subtly, and never to give themselves an advantage in physical competition, except when the use of Magic is an integral part of the exchange, such as in sports or games where flight or supernatural balance and skill are required. To an Aremian, a strong sense of honor and fair play is almost as important as a beautiful physical form.

Gender Ideals

Aremian women are traditionally looked to as educators and sources of wisdom. Since women generally live longer than men, they are generally expected to be level headed and to give good advice. To make a major decision which is strongly frowned upon by one's mother or mother-figure is considered to be extremely unwise. In Aremian dominated communities, it is generally difficult for men to find roles as teachers or administrators, as there is an unconscious social bias towards women in these positions.    Aremian men are expected to be honorable, honest, and brave. They are expected to respect the teachings of the women in their lives, and to strive to become sources of valued council for their spouses.

Courtship Ideals

Aremian men are often expected to perform some feat of bravery or honor to woo a woman he seeks. These conditions can be surprisingly difficult to meet, even with magically enhanced muscles. Where more thick-headed Aremian men often think that they simple need to lift something heavy or be seen winning at a sport, the more savvy ones know that an Aremian woman looks more for honor in honesty in the same, if not more, importance as physical attractiveness or power. There is more than one Aremian folk tale which describes a physically weaker, but more honorable man catching the eye of a powerful woman.   In general, Aremian men are expected not to approach women, but to exemplify their virtues in her presence, so that she might initiate a relationship by choosing to spend more of her time with him.

Relationship Ideals

Aremians are extremely open to all kinds or relationships. While many of their cultural ideals are rooted in heterosexual relationships, it is considered to be extremely dishonorable to disparage someone for an aspect of themselves that they were born with. Aremian culture is about enhancing the natural aspects of their people, and holding to traditions that stem from the world before Magic was as omnipresent as it is today. Since their cultural leaders decided, some 500 years ago, that someone's sexual preference or persuasion was a natural part of who they are, Aremian society has diligently worked to become accepting of all relationship types.


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