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The Isolationist Charter

The Isolationist Charter is the founding manifesto of Isolationism, written almost entirely by Dr. Katerina Dietrich between the years 2455 and 2457 in the wake of The Collapse, when she and a few close compatriots were forming the Commonwealth Front of Arcadian Science and trying to establish peace between various other factions, although she had taken notes regarding the idea of removing Earth Empire oversight from Arcadia a few years before that. Many of these early ideas ended up in the Charter itself, which at its heart underlines the importance of Arcadian people having the right to decide the future of the colony and how it is governed, not the Earth Empire. It champions the largely scientific community on the planet and rejects the idea of money being a necessity in a functioning society, casting corporations and heavy-handed government bodies as blockers of progress at best and rapacious destroyers at worst. The document today is considered as important now as it ever has been, when Dr. Katerina Dietrich gave her famous 'Commonwealth Address' in Endeavour, reading the Charter to gathered citizens on the moment that the Commonwealth was officially formed, on the 11th January 2458. The original Isolationist Charter file has remained relatively untouched in the Commonwealth archives for almost 200 years, instituting the basis of not only a form of government but also an entire culture.  

Document Structure

Publication Status

The original Isolationist Charter is available for viewing by anyone in the Commonwealth archives in Endeavour. It is a locked file however, unable to be edited by anybody. Isolationist factions have their own copies of the Charter with modern amendments and expansions depending on the outlook and needs of their faction. 
Statement, Political (Manifesto)
Digital Recording, Text
Authoring Date
Between 2455 and 2457
Ratification Date
11th January 2458
-PLEASE NOTE: This archive entry is still a work in progress and some of the information within may be missing or incomplete. Only verified information is permitted to be entered into the archive. Thank you for your understanding.-
:VI-0679 'Alexandria': (CFAS Archiving Virtual Intelligence)

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