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Taxonomia Arcadia

26th May 2650

Created by

Set in my Devastation Events universe, Taxonomia Arcadia is the story of a distant garden world on the far outer rim of human space, that plays host to a dazzling array of wildlife not unlike our own planet, Earth. Whilst the Mazerite Wars are raging throughout the Earth Empire in the mid-25th century, the link between civilised space and Arcadia is severed; hyperlane beacons that plotted the FTL routes to the planet are destroyed or deactivated by Mazerites, as part of the route leads towards their home planet of Vasgarthia. Over the ensuing centuries, Arcadia is largely forgotten, along with the various research teams sent there to catalogue its astonishing ecosystem.

With no way back and no means of contacting anyone off-planet, the people left behind form colonies and societies of their own - some dedicated to the ways of science, and others focused purely on survival or finding a way home. Whether those looking for a way back to Earth can even know what home is anymore after generations of life on Arcadia, is very much questionable. The majority of people have accepted their new home and thrive in it, despite a plethora of hostile fauna, flora, and funga. New lands are constantly being discovered and settled, and despite the small backwards step in technology, life is still comparable with what was left behind on Earth in the 25th century.

Taxonomia Arcadia focuses on the wonders and dangers of this new world, especially the inhabitant's drive to explore, catalogue, and colonise the unknown, much like humanity during the Age of Discovery.

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