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The Teeth of Iron

Hate breeds violence... And tradition

  Nowhere else in the world can a human bladesmith be as proud of their work than in Phorex Isles. According to ancient legends, rough-hewn swords were key in securing the humans victory against their cruel masters, the yuan-ti. By the primitive humans who had served generations in servitude, they didn't have a proper name for their weapons. Therefore after they had copied their crude craftsmanship from their masters, these instruments of war were baptized as "the teeth of iron".


The forging of the first blades is a celebration still held at Kir Vallen annually.  

The Blademaster, The Chewer [whimsical]

At a yearly celebration held at Phorex Isles, many different bladesmiths arrive to compete in who has the finest blades. A blade is valued through its durability, steel it has used, techniques of the smith and decorations used for the blade. A blade is not a mere weapon, but an instrument of the smith and a proper story is expected out of each blade. A blade best in its qualities and serving the best story through its design wins the competition. As the culture of the free men has improved and they themselves have understood the silly naming convention for "the Teeth of Iron", the name for the annual judge is often referred to as "The Chewer".
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