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Beast of Slaughter and Madness

While it has many names in the dense jungles of Phorex Isles, as well as heretical whispers in the streets of Kir Vallen, the Ragegod (or the Heartbeast, the Mad Destroyer) is a gargantuan figure of myth, believed to have been summoned by humans but to have wrought madness and destruction in its wake to every party in Phorex Isles.


As the humans fought for their freedom with their legendary "teeth of iron", that became the first forged swords by their hands, there were other forces at play as well. It has been debated if the giant destroyer came from the Bay of Gifts or from Monarch Jungle, but its marks are everywhere in history. Something beastial and great destroyed the great empire built by the Yuan-Ti, something in which a mere slave rebellion could not succeed in.
Even if the beast set its sight on the Yuan-Ti, there are early records of humans depicting the beast as a fiendish creature as well. Saying how the beast annihilated many homes, men, women and children who were left behind to be protected by the jungle as others revolted. Described by the primitive men as "A minor mountain" with teeth the size of tree-trunks and a bellowing roar that could pierce the clouds.
Last mention of the beast remains the same, regardless of scriptures. It died while battling with a vile Yuan-Ti godbeast and destroying some of their greatest structures. Scrambled people, witnessing as the horrifying ragebeast took the life of their great godbeast as both colossals vanished from sight, the Yuan-Ti crumbled beneath the followed wave of armed slaves rebelling.

Historical Basis

It is known that the southernmost bays of Kir Vallen once held more land and buildings that were of great cultural worth to the Yuan-Ti. Great ancient tiles and hauls of stone still litter the bottom of Kir Vallens coast as a proof of some great annihilation that happened in the ancient city. Some tribalists have as well questioned some unnatural shapes deep in Monarch Jungle that must've come from either a great impact or from something digging itself up from the ground.
Historians regard the "Ragebeast" as some malevolent force that was disturbed by either the slave revolt, by the god-beast of the Yuan-Ti, or by some other unknown factor in the events that is unknown to history. However, the lack of such a colossal carcass from either party (The ragebeast or the godbeast) make it very difficult to prove of this clash ever happening.
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