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19th of Ches, 50.III

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Tarroc is a peaceful world borne out of chaos, but it wasn't always that way. Millennia of near-apocalyptic events, extraterrestrial invasions, and meddling deities have brought together nations who once swore to destroy each other. Across five continents and three vast oceans, dozens of different races inhabit jungles, tundras, and deserts alike. Mountains scrape the very atmosphere, and unknown horrors lurk at the very bottom of the seas.   When the Gods first molded Tarroc out of the chaos that was, none of them foresaw the incredible events which would unfold. Even those Gods who opposed Tarroc's existence at the Dawn of Creation have become impressed by it; impressed by the strong-willed humans who settled the entire planet in a matter of centuries; impressed by the discipline of the Elves, who have managed to maintain their civility in the face of death time and time again; impressed by the ingenuity of the Dwarves who carve their homes not out of stone but into it.   Truly there has never been a more interesting place to call home, never a more accomplished society. The story of the Tarrocians has neared its end more times than anyone can count, and somehow it manages to hang on and grow stronger each time. Surely a rich past will lead the way to a rich future, and that future is in your hands now.

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