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We're gonna need a much bigger boat.

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People say that in the ruins of Kalai, in the Lost Barrens, there's treasure to be found. The continent sank with all of its treasure, all of its wealth. If you're brave enough, surely you could take some of that for yourself.   Well, you could if you didn't have to worry about the Kalaia that still stubbornly live around the islands. But there's something worse than those bloody sea serpents down there. The mother of all Kalaia lives down there. The Lia-Kalai. Her head alone is the size of a full grown Kalaia, her teeth are as long as an esseni. She jealously guards the remnants of the country and her children.   Woe befall those who think to trespass in the Lost Barrens. There's a reason they call them 'lost', and it isn't because of Kalai vanishing. Whole ships have gone missing in those islands. I'm telling you, the Gods angered something when they sank that place!
— Words of a superstitious Crenian Sailor


The Lia-Kalai or 'mother of all Kalaia' is a mythological creature said to inhabit the waters near the Lost Barrens. The creature is said to be truly enormous, and capable of devouring an entire ship in a single snap of its jaws. The myths began to circulate as esseni ships have a tendency to go missing among the tiny islands that are all that's left of Kalai. Skeptics point to the fact that the islands are mountain tops, and state that the ships are probably tearing themselves to shreds on unseen rocky outcrops.   Regardless, Crenian sailors give the Lost Barrens a wide berth, lest they fall victim to the Lia-Kalai.


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Jul 30, 2019 22:10 by William Belley

Interesting read. Did it ever happened that smaller boats worked against the creature, since they may move less water in their movement, or harder to see ? Was there shipwrecks survivors who tried to detail the beast ?   happy summercamp ! :)

Jul 30, 2019 23:27 by Crimz

Ah, the Lia-Kalai seems to be more of an old wives tale meant to explain shipwrecks near The Lost Barrens. She isn't something that anyone has actually seen.

Jul 31, 2019 00:25 by William Belley

i got bamboozled again !