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In the Land of Tarin, Magic and Gods are almost painfully real. Despite this, mortals live in relative peace. Magic is used by almost all, and is considered a blessing of the Gods. However, mortals as a whole are blissfully unaware of the divine politics that rule the natural order of their world. If it were possible for them to reach the floating continents that the Gods call home, perhaps they would have a better understanding of why it is foolish to think them only myth.   In modern times, almost every culture knows that the Gods exist. Indeed, after the tragedy of the destruction of a prominent capital city at the hands of raging gods, how could anyone think they weren't real? Though most mortals will never directly interact with the Gods, some lucky ones may make deals with them in exchange for miracles and a semi-immortal life of servitude. Fewer still are born as the Vessels of the Gods, imbued with their magic and their voice.   Unfortunately for the peace so carefully cultivated over the years, one man with a greedy and ambitious heart seeks a deal with the most dangerous of the Gods, unaware of the divine consequences of his actions...