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Tarin, a planet watched and tended to by a divine pantheon. The most powerful of these Gods have sworn never to interfere directly in mortal conflict. The Gods are bound by their rules; they are meant to only observe, to only step in if the need is great. Despite this, mortals live in relative peace. Magic and magi-technology is used by all, and is considered a blessing of the Gods. However, mortals as a whole are blissfully unaware of the divine politics that rule the natural order of their world.   Though most mortals will never directly interact with the Gods, some lucky ones may make deals with them in exchange for miracles and a semi-immortal life of servitude. Fewer still are born as the Vessels of the Gods, imbued with their magic and their voice.   Until recently, the Gods have maintained their rules, never directly interfering with the growth of the mortals. But the destruction of the capital city of Saito at the hands of the Dark God was a horrific reminder of the Gods might.   Peace was difficult to attain as the destruction set off a chain of mortal conflicts. Unfortunately for this young peace so carefully cultivated, one man with a greedy and ambitious heart seeks a deal with the Dark God, unaware of the divine consequences of his actions...