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"Taxman" Bartholomew Roberts.

Taxman Bartholomew Roberts Roberts (a.k.a. Taxman)

"Taxman" Bartholomew Roberts is known as a government approved highway man the resides near Je'kal in order to deal with and steal from local criminals. The most common target of his raids are pirates and smugglers. A heavy portion of the goods he "recovers" from his raids go towards the local charities and organizations. The rumor is he doesn't trust government organizations to help due to high chance of corruption.     Local residents are unsure if the "Taxman" is someone they want as it encourages bounty hunters and more carnage near their relatively peaceful port city.

Physical Description

Identifying Characteristics

One of the most distinctive features of the "Taxman" are his scars that run along his arms and fingers. Rumor has it he earned those scars from pirates who slashed at him in a last ditch effort to protect their plundered coins.

Apparel & Accessories

He wears what seems to be the average Je'kalian sailors outfit of brown linen pants, white long linen shirt, brown protective jerkin, and brown leather calf high boots. On top of that there is studded leather armor and bandoliers filled with pouches of various coins, trinkets, and tools.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Bartholomew Roberts was once a respected sailor on the Jeweled coast before his ship was sunk and his goods stolen by a pirate called Captain Spieval. That pirate would later be the founder of Je'kal, but Bartholomew swore he would do his best to disrupt his trade as it was fueled by smuggling and piracy. Swearing to use the ill gained goods he'll give back to those who help the unfortunate such as The Adventurer's Repose.

Personality Characteristics


Attain gold and wealth while not being wanted by the law.
Chaotic Nuetral
Current Location
Dark Blue
Short blond hair tied under a bandana
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Tanned skin with scars running along his arms and fingers.
240 lbs


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