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The phoenix is a mythical bird that's capable of reviving itself over and over again. They are believed to be the embodiment of fire, and believers of the ancient ones see the phoenix as a symbol of the sun god who is resurrected day after day. It's believed that the sun god rides on the back of a giant phoenix who is the sun. In the present, no one has ever seen one of these mythical birds, and many people don't believe they exist. In parts of Gora Nos and Etra, however, there are still stories told about people who have encountered a phoenix. The main myth surrounding the phoenix is how a young merchant raised one of these legendary birds and attained immortality.   A young man left his home seeking fortune and fame as a merchant. He had only a donkey and his cart. At first, he did well for himself making a small, but steady profit. But he got greedy and made riskier gambles with his wares. After one failed deal left him deeply in debt, he was forced to sell everything he owned. He wandered the roads aimlessly until he was near death, and no one would give him water. Then, he spotted an egg on the ground. It nearly burned him, and he planned to take the egg into the next town to sell. He had no supplies to build a fire, so he spent the night sleeping next to the egg for warmth. As the first rays of dawn touched the shell, the creature inside hatched, and a phoenix chick appeared. The man had no food of his own, and he had no idea how he was to feed the chick. He sold his shirt for pennies and used the money to buy food for the bird. The bird attracted spectators as no one in town had seen a phoenix chick before. Over the next few weeks, he made money by showing it off to paying customers. With his new riches, he could afford a horse and proper wagon. Eventually, the phoenix grew large enough and was able to fly. It left the man leaving only a handful of orange and red feathers.

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