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Vostir Tyrathus


Tiorathans are an offshoot of Humanity native to the far west, on a chain of islands far from mainland Tor'Saarn that made its existence known in the early first age. Of all contemporary Humans they are the tallest and strongest, and due to the extreme imperialistic and militaristic nature of their homeland they are generally considered the most dangerous. If it were not for their lowered birth rate it is doubtless they would be the dominant strain of Mankind, if not the only strain as their ancestral culture when paired with their physical prowess makes them unmatched in warfare, and they have proven willing to expand.   Like all contemporary Humans they are geneologically messy, and their classification varies throughout the scholary community, with many claiming that they are simply an early subspecies of Vostir Modernus (Modern Humans). However the dominant train of thought, being that of Tiorath themselves, considers them an independant but closely related species classified as Vostir Tyrathus.  

Physical Description

Baseline Tiorathans are a terrifyingly tall subset of Humans that possess broad, powerful shoulders and distinct, sharp features that make them stand out from any crowd. Their form more than just a hollow display, as Tiorathans sport denser bones than other humans, to which clings muscles that contain more power than an average Human's muscle would at the same volume. Even a Tiorathan that appears weak may prove to be deceptively strong, and one bristling with muscles may be inexplicably agile. Although it is certainly possible to find a scrawny Tiorathan there are fewer of them when comparing Tiorathan demographics to those of other humans, a fact that most dismiss as a byproduct of Tiorath's military culture. However more educated individuals would tell you it is due to the increased speed at which their people build muscle, and how slowly their muscles deteriorate even without regular exercise.   A full blooded Tiorathans skin can vary between tones of light brown to a deep bronze, however the specific shade can vary between populations. Their striking sharp features, distinctive skin tone and impressive builds make it nearly impossible for them to blend in with other human populations, making it extremely difficult to mask their presence when travelling away from Tiorath. Their indiscreet forms do have their advantages however, as few are brave enough to harass someone so imposing.  

Society and Distribution


Tiorathan psychology favors bold and intense personality traits, embodying the full range of emotion as long as that emotion allows for their exceptionalist attitude. A Tiorathan defined by their stoicism may be prone to periods of contemplation and be largely unbothered by tragedies that would break anyone else. Conversly a Tiorathan known for being hot headed my very well have rages that last an hour that can only end in bloodshed, while a quiet and contemplative individual may spend days alone. Although these are extremes even by Tiorathan standards they are possible, as Tiorathans are prone to extreme personalities.   Their intense nature drives them to fully immerse themselves in any interest or career they set for themselves. If a Tiorathan were to become a soldier they would seek to become the strongest and most strategic, or as a historian the most thorough. They are highly motivated, but at the detrement of being extremely self critical. They will continue to strive to improve themselves, and one of the most common causes of death for a Tiorathan is exhaustion brought about by overexertion.
Scientific Name
Vostir Tyrathus
105-140 years, while some relatively pure bloodlines may reach ages exceeding 200 years.
Average Height
181-213cm, with many outliers
Average Weight
62-100kg, with many outliers

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