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Megalothi Cloth

Written by JoshForeman

Shading his eyes, Bowmark examined the shirt. “I’ve noticed that Megalothi wear clothing made with tiny threads. How do your people weave such fine threads?”   Tenark reached down to rub the hem of Bowmark’s skirt between his thumb and finger.   Quickly clasping his hands behind his neck, Bowmark stifled his rage. You never touch another’s skirt! How was he supposed to live with such rude people?   Tenark appeared not to notice Bowmark’s stiffness as he dropped the hem. “I see what you mean. I really don’t know any details. There’s a bunch of cloth factories in Megaloth City with giant looms run by wind. I don’t know if they would let strangers watch.


Material Characteristics

Much tighter weave and known for both its durability and beauty. Additionally they produce fantastically detailed patterns that many assume must be the product of magic.


Cotton, Wool, Flax and Silk

Origin & Source

Megaloth City

History & Usage


As the first large scale human settlement after the crash, Megaloth City was blessed to have a head start in technology being close temporally and in proximity to Crash Site. By 400 A.C. the city had mechanical looms at work producing fine fabrics. A variety of innovations in the millennia sense have kept the cloth as a coveted luxury traded around the world.

Everyday use

Megaloth produces cloth for every occasion and use. From fine garments to bedding, towels and diapers.


Trade & Market

Megalothi Cloth is primarily traded along the Greater Ocean Cycle, appearing in cultures around the globe.

Law & Regulation

The production of Megalothi Cloth is a closely held state secret. The machinery workers and technicians are kept in locked down warehouses in the Megaloth City Tower. Running all day and night, and guarded by soldiers, any leaks concerning the production methods are ruthlessly suppressed.

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