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Jungle Dragons

Written by JoshForeman

"As a serious scholar I tend to avoid the more dubious theories and claims that percolate up from stable hand to pub patron. I am aware of how my research on this topic will be regarded amongst my peers, and have calibrated the quality and of the evidence accordingly. Thus, with caveats proclaimed, I posit that the myth of the jungle dragons should now be elevated to the status of hypothesis.   The historian Keplee notes that the magicians have record of a faction of their own that sailed west toward that dark and brooding land of Utali. It is well known that every attempt at settlement and trade with the continent ends in disaster. And so it is assumed that this faction of dissenting magicians shared the same fate. This does not, however, prevent some people from claiming to be from this lost tribe. Complicating matters is the fact that charlatans abound. Those claiming to be magicians, and yet possessing only slight of hand tricks, and makeup to achieve the look of those cursed with magical items.   Because even the magicians with bona fides, who are renown for their magic dismiss the claims of any lost tribe, those of a skeptical mindset will too quickly adhere to the party line. I, however, being capable of sussing out the more nuanced social powers at play here, have followed enough leads to overcome my skeptical posture on this matter. Despite the unified front that those from the magic lands parade before us, it is well known that there are those amongst their rank who dissent. From those few we find the most relevant information regarding the veracity of the claims that some of those make regarding a so called lost tribe and the jungle dragons with which they must contend."   ~Lord Sheddard of Megaloth


Due to the mystery of the continent of Utali and only having access to scattered and incomplete reports and rumors, the jungle dragons of Utali are a popular trope for storytellers across Akinda.

Historical Basis

Multiple attempts at exploration, exploitation or habitation have been made, but very few return from Utali. Some of those who do return tell tales of giant lizards. Some say they can fly, others that they talk in some dark tongue. Some say they are the size of humans, others say they rival the size of majismontem. One thing they all agree upon: these dragons are death to any who aren't fast enough to escape, and any who stand against them fall immediately.

In Literature

Jungle Dragons are used in all art forms, from painting and sculpture to plays and children's books. Most adults assume the tales are at best, exaggerations, and many see them as the ravings of cowards, or metaphors for the danger that lurks on Utali.

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