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Jabbock Flower

Written by JoshForeman

Bowmark rolled the vial in his fingers. “Oh. So just like the pollen of the jabbock flower on the west islands. When you poke them, they spray and you sleep.” Scolla's face scrunched in a way that Bowmark could not translate. Curiosity? Interest? Surprise? “So then, thank you for helping me to right a wrong.”

Basic Information


A thick stem supports many leaves. At the top is a crown of small white flowers surrounding a pod structure that has many small holes. It has a unique defense mechanism. When jostled it will expel defensive dust that causes unconsciousness in most animals including humans.

Genetics and Reproduction

Typical flower sexual reproduction

Growth Rate & Stages

Biennial growth occurs in two stages. The first wet season after a seed germinates, the sprout emerges. The second wet season brings the flowers and pod.

Ecology and Habitats

As a tropical plant it thrives in warm humid and rainy jungle biomes. Curiously, some monkeys are known to purposely poke the pods to induce sleep in themselves.

Dietary Needs and Habits

They don't need particularly fertile soil, and prefer semi-shade.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

After the opening of StoneShell to the wider trade network of the Megaloth Empire in 2503, Jabbock Flower powder became a valuable export for the Sea Predators. It quickly became a matter of tension between the people of StoneShell as Megaloth as the larger empire sought to exert control of the growing and harvesting.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Found only on the eastern islands of StoneGrove Archipelago in the middle of the Greater Ocean.
2 years
Conservation Status
Due to the utility of the sleep agent in the defensive dust, the Jabbock Flower is highly regulated as a state secret by the Sea Predators. Their locations are closely guarded and patrolled. Harvesting is done carefully, and pollinating insects are protected species on the island on which they grow.
Average Height
.5 meter
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Dark redish brown stem and leaves with a blue pod.


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