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Take Away

Not necessarily the food variety!


A Take Away is an attempt to grab an object or item away from another Character in combat. Take Aways are most frequently used to deprive an opponent of his weapons or Gadgets. The attacker must specify what item he is trying to Take Away before rolling the dice, and must be in close hand-to-hand combat position if he’s not using an appropriate Power.


Use the attacker’s Dex/Str as the AV/EV, and the defender’s Dex/Str as the OV/RV — but +2 Column Shifts to the OV, and a +1 Column Shift to the RV. If the Take Away attempt earns one or more RAPs, the attacker automatically gains possession of one item formerly in the possession of the defender.


Whether a Gadget can or cannot be Taken Away depends on whether or not it is listed in sentence case (yes) or ALL CAPITALS (no) on its character sheet. Take Aways never inflict any damage upon the defender.


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