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Dr. Tatiana Von Brandenburg

Many scientists tend to specialize over the length of their career. Then there are those like Tatiana Arkangel Von Brandenburg.   She was always fascinated by stories of meta abilities she heard through her extended family, the Arkangels, specifically Simon Arkangel. In particular, she was fascinated by stories of instances of non-meta humans exhibiting meta powers akin to telepathy or empathy in moments of great stress. This lead her to focus her studies on living creatures neurology and a possible connection to quantum mechanics. This drew her to studying genetics and the role of single-generation mutations due to evnironmental pressures.   Years later, after her marriage to Dr. Thaddeus John Von Brandenburg, she followed in the family tradition. Gather brilliant associates and allies with a slightly broken or gray moral compass, then enlist them in her continuing work to unlock the secrets of genetics and quantum entanglement.


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