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Tales of Alkebulan

EarthSinger Taye
These Tales of Alkebulan are told over a series of novels, existing in a land steeped in high and low magics.

Vast veins of elemental magic-spawning mana-ke and maat-ke lines run deep beneath the earth, the rivers and even the air that the many races of this land breathe, bestowing them with Talents and Affinities that are the gifts of their ancestors, the Children of the Gods.
This is a world of sweeping savannas and towering cloud forests, there are the mysterious and mystic Great Grass Seas riddled and riven with arcane Rifts, and dream-mist jungles, all guarded by the empires and city-states of many sentient beings, including the kingdoms of man, the mingled peoples, illiri and alar cat-people of the Fellanin, the simian Nyanantu, the Tsaurians, Mbuti and others of jungle and forest-lands all tangled with dream-mists and ancient almost forgotten mysteries.

*According to the research of those who seek after such ancient knowledge in our own times, Alkebulan is the original and ancient name of Africa, the name translating to 'Mother of Mankind.'

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