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Tales from Nigita

Year 36 After the Battle of Yavin

Created by

Editorial Team

Writers Team

Tales from Nigita is a Virtual Organized Play setting using the Star Wars Roleplaying Game &tm; from Fantasy Flight Games. This world is part of the VSpace ( collection of online worlds.



As the dust settles from the Galactic War against the FINAL ORDER - drifters, would-be heroes, and force sensitives have been drawn to the Mid Rim world of NIGITA. In THE HUB, the abandoned remnants of a First Order research base, these pioneers on this otherwise vast jungle world attempt to survive on odd jobs and establish some sense of law and order in a galaxy with little of it.

At its heart, Nigita is home to a mysterious tree, a living Nexus of Power, protected by a cabal of force users representing both light and dark side mindsets in a tense negotiated peace. This HARMONIUM COUNCIL, seeks to understand this nexus and train acolytes, all while working to undermine any opposing views.

Within The Hub, members of the REPUBLIC REMNANT attempt to establish order while members of the HUTT CARTELS seek to enrich themselves leveraging the planet as a smuggling center. Not to be outdone, members of the CORPORATE SECTOR AUTHORITY have also shown up to survey the planet for industrial and commercial exploitation.

Tales from Nigita is always looking for new heroes. This setting is part of the VSpace Gaming stable of worlds. Virtual sessions run every Tuesday and Thursday from 7pm - 11pm EST. You can find us on Discord and membership details can be found on our Patreon.