Lake Bask

Used to be that trapper or a captain with a sturdy boat could make a good living off that lake. Good living. Ain't so no more. Fae polluted those waters long ago. Turned the normal critters into monsters! Don't linger there long. Ain't enough gold in Frial to make dying in a Hydra's belly worth it.
— Wendel Gummer, retired dockyard worker from Frial
Lake Bask is one of the largest bodies of water in Tairos and has traditionally been a stable source of timber, fur, clay and a profitable location for commercial fishing. It has historically been shared by the communities of Rylan and Frial but many small communities also existed around the coast that also relied on the lake for survival.
During the Queen's War the lake acted as a buffer that kept Rylan largely out of the conflict. While Frial was not so lucky due to its ties to old Balmoral it did offer the resources the ruined city would need to hastily rebuild. The Queen's Rebuke is believed to have left a large cloud of fallout that eventually descended into the northern end of the lake where many believe it led to dangerous arcane mutations in the local wildlife. New predators are also said to have flocked to the region after the catastrophe now that no formal patrols were left to keep them out.
There are also stories of lake ships that have gone missing. These large vessels belong primarily to Rylan and have been used to transport lumber to lakeside communities, especially Frial. Before the Queen's Rebuke these waters were generally safe to traverse and few accidents ever occurred. However, after her devastating revenge upon Tairos the waters became much more treacherous. Rainfall and dangerous storms are much more common now along with aquatic predators and vermin. Also, many of the lakeside communities that once existed are now ghost towns and many captains try their luck at seeking shelter during these storms in those abandoned ports only to find the cause of the town's abandonment still lurking there.


Lake Bask is a large freshwater lake located to the west of Ghal Pelor and north of Frial. It's a difficult area to navigate because of the overgrowth of the Rylan Forest which spreads up to and around it. The region is known for frequent rainfall and is often very swampy, especially near its coast which is prone to flooding.

Fauna & Flora

The region is typical of other large bodies of water and it contains a diverse spectrum of different marine life.There are several species that are easily fished as a food source for travelers.
Bask also has a large population of toads, frogs, salamanders and other similar creatures that live along the coast. So numerous are they that insect populations are kept relatively low compared to other marsh regions.
A number of dangerous predators to lurk in the region. Giant spiders are common near the lake and feed on amphibians as well as adventurers. Many of these spiders are adapted to walk or glide on the water and often feed on fish as well as boat traffic. Giant slugs, leeches and similar vermin are also common
The forest and coastal areas around the lake are also home to exceptionally fatal predators also exist. Basilisks hunt the shallow waters and marshland around the lake. Hydra sightings are also reported by travelers and those sailing the lake. Trolls and giant snapping turtles have also claimed lives in the region.
Several toxic plants are also known to grow in the region. The most well known being Goldenweed and Wolf's Bane.

Natural Resources

Timber and fishing opportunities are plentiful here. There are some clay deposits as well that fetch a good price in the markets of Frial and Rylan.

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