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Fort Tycon

The lands that once belonged to Old Balmoral are littered with echoes of something long gone. Something better. Something forgotten. Dead. When I need to be reminded of why I do the work that I do, why Tairos deserves what I'm trying to give it... all I need to do is look at those lost monuments in the west and know that the golden age of this land is behind it and only darkness is ahead.
Fort Tycon's history is one that is relatively well known compared to many of the old watch towers and redoubts that litter the Balmoran Plains.
The lands around what would later be Tycon were home to a Ghal Ankharan mining operation pulling rare minerals from the region. These intrepid miners were under the protection of a dwarven clan who's name is lost to history. Rumors persist to this day that the land was promised to the dwarven clan once the minerals were extracted but instead the king of Ghal Ankhar traded the land away to Balmoral in exchange for favorable trade rights.
Balmoral built Fort Tycon on the land for the purposes of guarding against threats from Rylan Woods that might cross toward their colony of Frial or move south deeper into the plains.
During the war with The Autumn Queen Fort Tycon became a strategic base of operations for Balmoral's forces however, the defenders of the Fort were recalled to Balmoral's capital city once the Fae siege began. After the fall of Balmoral Tycon, like so many other holdings belonging to the dead empire, was abandoned to nature, refugees and bandits.
Until recently Fort Tycon remained empty until Frial's recent expansion campaigns overseen by Grand Order of the Lion. Soldiers were stationed there to oversee a restoration of the structure but quickly realized it would require too many resources. Instead it was targeted for demolition and its stone to be hauled back to Frial to restore the defenses of the city. It was in recent months that the engineers and soldiers were cleared out of by the ancestors of the original dwarven clan that was promised the land. These dwarves now operated under the name Fellhammer, a mark of dishonor laid upon dwarven noble clans who are stripped of their holdings and titles.
This brief occupation was recently ended by agents of the Westbound Star Company who took up the task of clearing out the Fellhammers at the request of the Grand Order of the Lion. However, the dwarves were later apprehended by constables of Frial's Kreastos and jailed. Fort Tycon is now under claim of Balmoral's last colony, Frial.

Purpose / Function

Military base that oversaw border security for Balmoral's colonies such as Frial
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