Kreastos of Frial

What was once home to the word of the gods is now forum to the ideas of men. Civil discourse, logic and hope rule Frial and with that as our backbone how can not rise to the challenge that Tairos now presents us.
— Ambassador Shia Rioush addressing leadership in Ghal Pelor
The Kreastos rules over the city of Frial as a governing body made up of elected councilors who represent the community interests.
The history of the Kreastos is a rather brief one compared to the long lineages of other ruling forces in Tairos. After the Queen's War every kingdom in land teetered on the edge of survival and total collapse. For Balmoral, all that remained were a few scattered colonies which were being flooded by refugees from the devastated capital. None of Balmoral's original leadership survived the Fae siege on the kingdom and so these colony cities had to quickly adapt to descend into anarchy. Those colonies and their rulers would be repeatedly tested by the bleak new reality of an existence without Balmoral's support. And, one by one, each of these colonies crumbled under the weight of that burden.
Only a few short decades after Balmoral's fall her colonies died followed suite. Some were conquered by vandals, mercenaries or warlords. Others were abandoned in favor of safer places and new masters to kneel to. Some suffered quick and brutal deaths at the hands of roaming monsters or sleeping nightmares woken by the war. In the end, all that remained was Frial. The city's distance from Balmoral and from the closing days of the Queen's War are all that sparred it from joining the others in ruin. Though, that is not to say it survived unscathed. Its defenses were broken, its people barely clinging on as supplies dwindled and the constant threat of outside invaders loomed heavy.
For well over a century Frial would flounder. Its population depleting and her streets crumbling to entropy. All of the original Balmorans who fled here as refugees had perished and only a few still remembered the traditions of old. City leaders struggled to keep order in the face of growing lawlessness.
In this darkest hour the city leaders (different administration members, military commanders, constabulary and such) were said to hear a whisper from the old temple to the gods. This building, a joint place of worship that allowed all of Balmoral's pantheon to be venerated in one place, had withered under the years of abandonment since The Queen's Rebuke and the Silence of the Gods. The grand temple was called the Kreastos and the whisper called the city leaders to assemble.
Few outside of the city leaders of the time know what transpired in the old ruin that day and even the events that followed are thought by many to be rumors or apocrypha. They are said to have vanished for the night and come dawn to have emerged, changed, filled with holy light and their bodies radiating with celestial glory. It's said they spoke with voices like that of a choir of godly voices. They told the people their gods had a message for them.
We are silent but not blind. We cherish you but hate the depths to which you've fallen. Rise, repair this city. Become the beacon. Lead us home to you again
— Voice that emanated from the mouths of the city leaders
How much of that old story is true none can say. It has been several human lifetimes since that day and no non-human has ever come forward to say they were there. What is on record is that members of the citizenry came to power after the original city leaders vanished. A system of government was born based on democracy and with the goal of putting decision making process into the hands of city districts and business interests. Most scholars believe all that really transpired was a simple coup and the truth of it has become myth. Even the average citizen doubts the literal nature of the new government's founding. Yet, a rare few believe something truly miraculous happened that day.
In either case, the modern Kreastos was formed. Not a place where each of the gods could have their pulpit like in the days of old Balmoral, but a place for the voice of the people to he heard.


Every three years elections are held to fill the twelve seats of the Kreastos. Citizens choose from among the many candidates vying for a chair, naming their pick for each position. The security and sanctity of this vote is overseen by the city's constabulary and as such no member of the police force is allowed to hold a chair.
These votes are held so frequently and aimed at the entirety of the councilors in the hopes that the current administration will always reflect the most up to date feelings of the citizens.
Among the elected councilors all are considered of equal standing. Proceedings are moderated by various administration officials who's tasks include keeping record, announcing proceedings, guarding the chamber and keeping order among the lesser representatives.
Lesser representatives are unofficial mouthpieces for different communities, minority groups, industry interests, religious groups and fringe political movements. These lesser representatives are referred to as Speakers and are afforded a considerable amount of respect but no real power within the government. Their only task is to be the face of the lobby and offer argument on their behalf. The Speakers are seated in an area below the Councilors' chairs.
Recently, one of the twelve chairs has been permanently assigned to a representative of the Grand Order of the Lion. This happened based on the rising popularity of the mercenary organization within Frial. Speakers offered up the measure for consideration and managed to get a supporter on the Council to bring it forward for official debate. Once announced the Kreastos was unable to strike down the proposal due to the overwhelming support the people of Frial show for the Lions. Internally, this has been viewed in a very negative light by the Councilors who see this as yet another subtle push toward the Lions dominating city leadership

Public Agenda

Represent the voice of the people in both foreign and domestic affair
Governmental, Senate/Parliament
Alternative Names
Council of Frial
Government System
Democracy, Representative
Power Structure
Autonomous area
Economic System
Market economy
Official Languages
Controlled Territories

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