The Twelve Carrots

If you're looking for someone that doesn't want to be found try the Twelve Carrots. If that doesn't work, head over to Pete's and look inside the chef's special
— Neville Morris
Frial is a very busy city that plays host to hundreds of visitors a day. With such a strong source of constant traffic it's no wonder her hospitality industry is said to second in size only to Ghal Pelor. Frial, unlike Ghal Pelor, is known for having an abundance of reputable locations to stay at and for being a much safer city as well. In fact, only a few small sections of the city (such as Trentpoole or Bellhaven) carry an ill reputation. It's in one of those murky areas where one can find the infanous Twelve Carrots Inn.
The Inn, tavern, and stable are all owned by Macallister Gresome and have been in his family for decades. In fact, the majority of the structure was still standing when Frial was resettled after the Queen's War. The Carrot, as it is often referred to, seemed to have been an inn back then as well. The name was kept while the building changed hands a few times, eventually coming into Gresome's hands, supposedly as part of the winnings of a high stakes card game. A rumor the owner is quick to deny.
Located technically in City Center, the Carrot is only a few short blocks away from the border of Bellhaven. As such it is only sought out by those looking to avoid the prying eyes of the Kreastosl. While Gresome keeps the establishing in good working order it none the less draws visitors from Frial's underground. Most notably, members of [arcane underworld, mercenaries, and recently those with Black Thorn connections (due to the recent loss of their own establishment which burnt down)


Under Gresome's ownership several new rooms were built and small distillery was added on. The distillery is currently being used to try and make a carrot-based clear brandy, something the owner is very sure will help strengthen the business' brand. So far the results haven't been promising
Alternative Names
The Carrot
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