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Main Chapter 2


Gámr is the orc god of undeath. There will be a level 5 NPC wealth shaman (robe of bones) that worships him as one of the champions of the orc tribe. The tribe leader is a level 6 PC wealth Viking. The third champion is a level 4 wealth NPC kineticist.  

Getting Started

  • Recap
  • Brass Knuckles from Drone claws will be DC 20 craft and will do 1d4 damage and will be considered +1 weapons only for the purpose of damage reduction
  • If they want to shop: Mar Sara

At the Docks

After searching for a period of time determined by a diplomacy check, the PCs will be directed to the home of Thrach Hornsby, a 70 year old half-orc who used to be a sailor/adventurer. His home is located in the southern part of the Demon's District. While leaving the Dock Ward, Cole Thorne will find the PCs and deliver a note to them from Katrina Lindsay. The note reads:
"My rescuers,
I returned home safely last week, but unfortunately my peril was not over. The following day there were strange rumblings around the farm. These rumblings continued until yesterday, a large gray and brown beast surfaced and started tearing up our fields and those of our neighbors. You were so valiant in defeating whatever that thing was that attacked me. I would appreciate any help you could give in saving our farmland from this new threat.
Katrina Lindsay"

Choosing a Path

To Katrina's Farm

It'll take about 2 hours to get to Katrina's farm. Upon arriving, the PCs will find Katrina tending to some injured farmers. Katrina will explain that the beast usually comes out when they go out into their fields to tend to their crops.


Wide open field. As the PCs approach, the baby surfaces first about 30 feet from them. The mother will then leap from behind it and land in between the baby and the PCs.
Baby Bulette


One of the farmers will explain that he's only ever seen one of these before in the mountains near Chau Sara

To hire Thrach

Thrach will agree to take the PCs out to Jarlhörfe for 100 gp. It will take two days to get there. Thrach will ask what part of Jarlehörfe they're headed to. If Ryuk can make a DC 10 knowledge local check, he will recall a town called Atsurrby on the southern end of Jarlehörfe where Svartkollr Iorthrsson is probably from. If not, the PCs will need to choose somewhere to head.  

Headed to Atsurrby

Pirate Encounter

On the way to Jarlehörfe, after about 4 hours of travel, with DC 15 perception check, the PCs will notice another ship approaching their own. A DC 25 to also notice the bird flying toward them. Once the ship gets within 600 feet, some of the pirates will dimension door into the PC's ship. 1d100 if roll is 50 or below, the pirates land safely. Otherwise, they are shunted and a DC 10 perception will alert the PCs to the sound. Theodemir Featherbottom and two halfling pirates try to steal things from the PCs. If the two pirates can hide, Theo will try to talk himself out of the situation. If losing the fight, Theo will try to dimension door back to the pirate ship. If the PCs go after the pirate ship:
Captain Matilda
4-6x Goblin

After the encounter

The captain's room has two chests in it. One of them is invisible. The other is locked and if opened has a slip of paper in it. Picking up this paper will result in a burst of flames that deals 1d6 damage and catches the room on fire. The person who touched the paper will also catch on fire if they fail a DC 15 reflex save. The invisible chest contains:
Flask of Endless Rum
Potion of Obscure Object (150 gp)
Potion of Sanctuary (25 gp)
Scroll of Fog Cloud (Sell for 75 gp)
Gem: Chrysoberyl (50 gp)
Gem: Garnet (110 gp)
Gem: Irregular freshwater pearl (10 gp)
Gem: Jasper (50 gp)
Gem: Onyx (25 gp)
Gem: Sard (40 gp)
Gem: Turquoise (10 gp)
400 gp
Total worth: 945 gp

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