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Cuisine of the Dark Hollows

Due to its location deep within Taevas underground, it can often be a challenge to find or grow food within the Dark Hollows, especially in the days before trade between the Hollows and the Surface. Fortunately, the inhabitants of this place have still managed to find a way to thrive in this remote place, subsisting off of whatever animal and plant matter had evolved to survive within the Hollows. While it may appear strange to surface folk, the cuisines of the Hollows remain a staple of the daily lives of its inhabitants, both below and above ground.


While each meal is prepared in their own way, the most common methods used are raw (either cut up or as-is), or cooked over an open fire (if the area has proper ventilation). Additionally, there are techniques for brewing drinks from roots and fungi.

Components and tools

Among the various dishes that make up the cuisine of the native inhabitants of the Dark Hollows, the following are the most common:

Fungi & Moss: One of the most common ingredients found in most meals, fungi and moss often fill the role of most plants and vegetables on the surface. In particular, the Goblins consider fungi to be a staple food of their culture, and have the widest array of mushroom-based dishes out of all of the Dark Hollows' inhabitants.

Rodents, fish & Insects: While the large cave weasels found in some parts of the Upper Hollows, as well as the fish found within the various underground seas scattered throughout the Dark Hollows, are commonly hunted for meat, the various large insectile creatures found throughout the Dark Hollows remain the most common source of meat for its inhabitants. Most dishes made from these creatures consist of the cooked meat being eaten out of the shell. Unsurprisingly, these are the dishes surface dwellers are the most reluctant to try.

Roots: In some parts of the Dark Hollows, particularly the upper regions, the denizens of the Dark Hollows have taken to harvesting roots to use in the creation of medicines, drinks, and spices.
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