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Beetle Carriages

Primarily used by the Goblins and Kobolds, Beetle Carriages are the most common for of transportation between the various settlements within the Dark Hollows. Using the giant Cave Beetles found throughout the Hollows, these carriages are capable of navigating the often labyrinthine tunnels of Taevas underground, and can overcome all but the most difficult of terrain. It's commonly believed that the useage of these Cave Beetles as a method of transportation were what allowed the native inhabitants of the Hollows to expand so far throughout the underground. As of the current age, there now exists a vast network of travel routes between the settlements of the underground dwelling races making use of these Beetle Carriages, filling various roles ranging from civilian travel to trading, and contributing greatly to their continued prosperity despite the challenging environment surrounding them.

Power Generation

The Cave Beetles these carriages are attached to must be properly cared for in order for them to function properly.


Beetle Carriages are propelled by the Cave Beetle they are attached to, whose six legs allow them to travel at high speed across difficult terrain.

Armor and defense

Since these carriages often travel through rough terrain, they are commonly reinforced to withstand potential damage from bumpy rides.


All Beetle Carriages have a torch or lantern to aid in navigating the dark tunnels that make up their travel routes.

Additional & auxiliary systems

In addition to seeting for the driver and passengers, each carriage also has a compartment in the back for storing cargo.
Current location
Complement / Crew
1 driver
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
Beetle Carriages can carry around 8 passengers on average (this is assuming that the passengers are all from one of the shorter races).


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