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Tered'Gaya - Queen Gaya

Tered’Gaya will come down as the most ruthless, bloodthirsty and crazed skat'ra in the history books.
She was raised in Tered hill as a princess. She was close to mate with a drone and establishing her hill in the skat'ra plains. But something snapped in her. With her pheromones, she took over the minds of hundreds of workers and fought her way out of the hill. In the aftermath, the Tered queen had to mate with a drone again. The destruction that Tered'Gaya and her followers caused almost eliminated the hill, and she needed new subjects.
After leaving the hill, they lived in the plains for roughly a year attacking everybody they could come upon. The plains are scarce of food, so the unfortunate ones who met with her hive were most of the time eaten too. For some reason, unknown to the skat'ra queens, Tered'Gaya could block the hive mind every skat'ra is connected to, and nobody knew where they were at any given moment. This made dealing with them very hard, and they could attack anybody without forewarning. The attacks caused a lot of issues with the skat'ra because they could not trade with other nations. The dealers were frightened to come to the skat'ra, and this caused economic turmoil on the plains. Finally, the queens organized a hunt for Tered'Gaya and her followers and chased them off the plains.
They wandered around for a couple of months and finally settled in the Dominion of the Hobgoblin. Here there was plenty of food and material to build their own hill. Still having a couple of hundred workers, they quickly made a hill on the top of a rise that is relatively inaccessible by traditional means, but it is nothing to the skat'ra. From here, they conduct their raids on the unsuspected. Dealers and travelers started to notice them and select different routes because, like on the plains, they ended up as food more often than not. Now the only thing that is missing from queen Gaya is a drone to increase the number of her followers.
I operate in a different part of Tacillia, but I've heard horrifying stories from lucky survivors
— Riszri, lizardfolk dealer


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