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Zanba "The Chromed Chaos"

The story and legend of Zanba "The Chromed Chaos" is told often and well outside the ridges of The Oasis crater. The story of a mad mechanic who encased himself in chrome to one day acend to meet his "made-up" god, Bazo'mata. A horrid chaotic god who lusts for stronger augments and Bhama.


Zanba created the Chrome Brotherhood in order to build military power and influence outside the ridges of The Oasis. He then gained political power and several stragglers from the other colonies. Once the Chrome Brotherhood had control over the valley they broke onto the Geltar System with a stride. Gaining even more support from the other planets in the system Zanba was able to trade stolen contraband Bhama for interplanetary weapons and vehicles gaining access to carbon fueled mechs. This casued him to track and find an ancient mech buried in the Sangrien Sands. However Zanba was found and put in Zenith Prison until it rains Bhama on Crater.

Historical Basis

There are few actual recorded evidence of Zanba has he was very descreet in his existance in general. As well as the formation of the Chrome Brotherhood. The ritual Zanba alwasy preached about was never completely written down per Zanba's own request.


This legend is pretty much common knowledge to everyone on Crater.

Variations & Mutation

There are few variations but only becasue of this myth being passed on by pure word of mouth. There are some stories saying that Zanba himself is a god and has challenged Tala-ni'alni to his godhood. There are also some that believe that chrome itself is a cursed form of forging now due to the chaotic evil that Zanba was.

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