The Vastlands Session Zero



Lines and Veils
  • Line is something that is not wanted
  • Veil is something that is ok in the backgroung or faded to black
Pause for a Second
Checking in and Aftercare


Theme and Six Truths


Six Truths about the Vastlands

  1. The Vastlands are...vast
  2. Worn technology (collapsed Tech level 4) and magic coexist.
  3. Exploration via caravans are the best ways to make quick money, but there is danger involved.
  4. The only way into space is on the space elevator in the Black City.
  5. There are few visitors from the stars.
  6. The Vastlands have fallen back to times before; Post Tech (TL4) is no longer created.

Character Goals or Drivers

Characters are expected to have goals of there own, this may simply be to aquire wealth, power, or land or may be as complex as building a magical monument. A Major Goal for the characters to start is to leave this planet.
Why do you want to leave this planet?

Factions and Patrons



Campaign Tools

World Anvil World
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House Rules


Rulings will be handled at the table, a short argument is allowed. If you do not agree with my ruling we can descuss it after the game. This is to keep the game going and not argue all night.

Optional or New Rules

Vastlands House Rules

Character options

Players may create anything from Stars without Number or optionally Worlds without Number (more fantasy).

Expectations and Etiquette

Table Etiquette

Wheaton's Law: Don't be a dick.

Campaign Length

I am excited for this to be a forever world, so when things get boring we simply switch characters and move to another area/planet/universe. Sessions will start at 1900 every Wednesday and end at 2200. There may be times when we stop later if everyone is ok with that. We should always be able to play no matter how many people show up.


Players will reroll a new character at 1st level or take over an existing NPC. It will be a good thing to have a few henchmen (friends that take a share of the loot) and heirlings (people hired for specific tasks) around in case something unfortunate should happen. Lift stims and Lazarus patches will help in healing and stabalizing.

Player Roles

  • Rulesmaster
    • Looks up rules when a rule is in question
    • Helpful to have a good grasp on the rules
  • Chronicler
    • Takes notes
    • Writes an overview of the session
  • Log Keeper
    • Tracks in game time and date and locations
  • Quartermaster
    • Money
    • Treasure
    • Experience
  • Battlemaster
    • Marching order
    • Night Watch


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