Firewall is a drug that mutes sensory-emotional inputs and leads to vivid hallucinations. It was discovered about 20 years prior to the Brute Invasion, but didn't become popular until the violent takeover was in progress. At that time, the relatively pacifistic population of Symbiopolis embraced the drug as a way to cope with what was happening.

It got the name, Firewall, as it worked in a similar fashion to the computer protection term - creating a barrier between the mind and the invasion of reality.

Manufacturing Process

Red Nests are ground with water into a cellulose pulp. Rather than let this mixture sit, as would be done to make a fancy, handmade red paper for journals or decoration, it is immediately filtered with a very fine fabric. This keeps most of the matter and even color in the mash.

The mash is then spread over fabric-lined moulds and allowed to drip and air dry. The result is a brick red fibrous paper containing hallucinogenic chemicals. Manufacturers will use patterns on their moulds to create an embossed, branded identifier.

Often, manufacturers will have a reputation for strength or quality that may or may not be entirely accurate. However, that reputation will create demand for certain patterns.

How It Works

Water pulping extracts the hydrophillic opioids from the Red Nests, leaving the hydrophobic phencyclidine in the cellulose mash. This results in a concentrated form of PCP, which is taken by chewing on the fibrous paper.

Addicts to Firewall often have reddish stains around and inside their mouths. Overdosing is common, often through seizures or convulsions. This frequently results in a foaming at the mouth with a red tint in the foam.
Stacks of Firewall, waiting for distribution
Item type
Drug / Narcotic / Medicine
Raw materials & Components


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