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Fate Keepers

Other Names: Unknown
Classification: Unknown

Geographic Distribution: Unknown

They arrived with their golden wings glinting in the light of dusk. At first we thought they were winged humaniods, similar to Aasimar. Closer inspection revealed an impressive amount of mechanical components. There were three of them. All had mechanical wings. Two had mechanical arms. One had a creaking metallic torso. All had the same hollow eyes that glowed a pale blue, almost white.

They did not speak in the traditional sense. It was as if they forced their thoughts and feelings into our minds. Provost Qi'ilong asked me to attend their meeting in hopes that I could illuminate him on their origins or desires. Alas, I was quite useless in this regard. When I tried to ask, one of them clicked and clacked as it turned towards me. I received a reply directly into my mind, one that I will never forget. "None can avoid their fate. This is our mission. No other goal matters. Give us the one who hides from fate."

It took us several more hours to discern who they wanted, and even longer to find out why. The Fate Keepers, as I have decided to call them, visited because of the disastrous experimentation of Professor Kerrigold. While he had told us that the tower exploded after an alchemical spill, it seems he was attempting to muck about with time, and the Fate Keepers took great exception to that.

Provost Qi'ilong and I retired to an office alone to discuss our options.  It never occurred to us that these seemingly benign beings would seek out Kerrigold themselves.  We returned to find the room vacant, and the beings gone.  A search of the building relocated them, but we felt their search for Kerrigold was inevitable.  They had yet to make any threatening movements, so we did not have reason to deny them a meeting.

Kerrigold's temporary office was on the fourth floor of the Alchemical Building.  When we arrived, the Fate Keepers pushed through the doorway to confront him as one.  Upon setting eyes on the beings, Kerrigold screamed aloud, and launched himself through the window, falling to the cobblestones below.  Of course Provost Qi'ilong and I were horrified, but the Fate Keepers did not react at all.  One by one, they stepped to the window, and took flight.  Witnesses shared that they swooped to the ground, surrounding Kerrigold's body.  The last I saw of them, they were lifting his body towards the heavens.  I watched until they disappeared amongst the clouds.

Average Height
by AI art generated by Tara O'Neill via Neural.love
This image of a Fate Keeper is a composite of several descriptions from witnesses. They do not usually stick around long enough for formal portraits.

Cover image: by Tara O'Neill


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