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The Quil is an undead creature of the night and extremely dangerous. It needs to drink all the blood of a living being at least once a month. They often live in solitude outside the cities of Tal'Lyra and feed on wildlife, but sometimes one moves into one of the bigger towns of the continent. This usually starts an escalating killing spree, often lasting many years. Only if the monster gets bored and moves or is killed, the killings stop. In their normal human form they look like anyone else, but if they change to drink some blood or if they don't feed for a month they show their horrible true face. Their eyes turn black, two of their teeth grow into long fangs and dark veins can be seen all over their body. They gain super human strength, can see in the dark and some tales even tell about them getting wings and flying away.
If one encounters a Quil in its true form, great caution is advised. Only the most skilled fighters can survive an encounter and with a good amount of luck even kill one. Since the monster heals faster than a normal human, an hero should aim to cut of the head of the creature to end its life once and for all.
Hitpoints: 60
Blood: 35
STR: 19 DEX: 14 CON: 17 INT: 16 WIS: 12 CHA: 9
Skills: Perception +7
Senses: Passive Perception 19
Fire sensitivity: Being a creature of the night, the quil is weakened during the day, -2AC and +2 damage taken. Furthermore it is vulnerable to fire, +4 fire damage from all fire sources
Thirst: An quil always craves the blood of living beings, and even needs it once a month to survive. If it doesn't consume a victim for a whole moon, the permanently reverts into its true form, until he drinks blood. After two months without feeding, the quil desecrates, bursts into flames and dies
Loot: 2xEssence of the Dead, Essence of Force

Human Form

While in this form an quil still has its superhuman strength, it can't consume blood of its victims and usually fights with normal weapons. Only the most skilled hero, unless attacked, could unravel the secret of the monster
Armor Class: 12 + Armor
Changing: The quil can take 2 actions to change into its true from

True Form

After having changed, the quil has black eyes and can see in the dark. Also its veins are more visible, pulsing black under the pale skin. Its fangs grow and he can consume the blood of its victims to gain strength and to heal. If the monster is in great danger, it changes and gains wings to fly to safety.
Armor Class: 14 + Armor
Bite: Drives its fangs into an enemy in melee range with +2 to hit and deals 2d6 damage, gaining a third of the damage als health back.
Consume: Drinking all blood of a living being, suppressing its need to feed for a month
Changing: The quil can take 2 actions to change either into its human from or 1 action to turn into its winged form

Winged Form

In this form, the quil has wings like a raven and its fangs retract back into its skull. It usually uses them to fly to a hideout to regain its strength. Afterwards it sets out again, to finish the job with its opponent.
Armor Class: 9 + Armor
Flying: With a speed of 50ft the quil can fly like a bird
Changing: The quil can take 5 actions to change either into its human from or its true form

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