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Act 2 - Session 15 - The Bheur part 4 Report

General Summary

The party resumed their exploration of The Dark, sneaking around and exploring in an effort to find the Bheur who had taunted them, goaded them into coming to find her.   They came across a room filled with shadows and the fight was hard won. Each strength sapping hit reducing Leo and Gerry to shells of themselves before they managed to dispatch the last. Then they tried to find a place to rest, the southern corridor carried strange whispers so the party headed north into a cave filled with headless skeletons.   Leo investigated and discovered strange tooth marks on most of the bones and a holy symbol to Mystryl on one of the corpses. They were overcome with a ravenous hunger that could only be sated by eating far more frequently than normal.   They explored further, discovering another large bore hole, a clear sign of the Remorhaz they had been warned about and elected to retreat back the way they came. Taking a different route, they came across a wraith calling itself Drakareth that attacked immediately, they made short work of it but not before it did some lasting damage to Alton (and gravely insulted him).   The party went deeper into Drakareth's lair and rested. Leo discovered some valuable artefacts upon the remains of Drakareth, hidden in a cyst within the cave system, a mantle of spell resistance and a staff of charming.   The party returned to the room of shadows and initially headed north east, avoiding the strange groans from the east. They came across a strange room that contained some twenty odd ice statues and left them alone.   Eventually, they bit he bullet and went towards the undead, whom they dispatched easily.   Digging further still into the cave system, hunger pangs cropping up at regular intervals, thy wandered into a strange room filled with bones and the stench of death.   A short way further, they saw a strange block of ice, surrounded by skulls. closer inspection revealed a figure, encased in the ice. Alton wiped away some of the permafrost and his bow spoke to him, it was his sisters remains interred in the column.   After a discussion, Leo worked out that the Hag had been coming here regularly and distinct impressions in the ice of distorted feet suggested she stood and stared for extended periods of time. Gerry suggested that the skulls were some sort of ritual. Alton, wanting to bury his sister properly and Leo wanting to make a trap for the hag led to Thuella being disinterred from her icy grave by a very careful Gerry and once she was freed, a shrill, piercing screech echoed throughout the cavern. The Hag was coming.
A Blood War for All Seasons
Report Date
23 Jun 2022

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