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Supernatural´s Requiem


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The outlook for life is bleak. Economy hasnt been up in any country for years. People try to stay employed as much as possible. Murder rates through the roof every year. More and more Vandalism reports each month. It seems every week someone gets shot. Each hour someone gets robbed.    And it still gets worse.   There are things out there. Unimaginable things. And they do not take well to the world changing.    Ever seen an older citizen looking weirdly at a smartphone on your way home from a club or a dreaded christmas party of the office? I suggest you take my advise and start calmly walking towards a crowded and well lit area. Or you might find yourself drank bare.   Those punks in their ripped clothes collecting money for a good cause?  Maybe don´t cuss at them too much or your pet gets eaten.   And sometimes you are involved in an accident and cant remember a thing? And even if you find pictures or videos of yourself trying to make it big in the viral video scene it is either blurry or gives you such an intense headache you think your head will explode? Delete those at your earliest convenience. Or they might take away more than just a few minutes of you memories.   This is the world of darkness imagined by just another office guy.


Supernatural´s Requiem

Chronicles of Darkness (New World of Darkness) by White Wolf

The monsterhunting like the early seasons of Supernatural in the new World of Darkness 1ed.