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Genetic Experimentation

In this world, superpowers have been a thing for generations, and for the most part, all of those superpowers have come about through natural evolution. There's the occasional human-like alien who throws their DNA in the mix that is superpowered genetics, but otherwise it's a fairly natural process. In those rare instances where human science or accident has combined to give someone powers, it's viewed with caution and dismay.   Genetic experimentation has not gone well in this world. The number of people who have abilities, or the potential for abilities, or the potential to pass on genes that will lead to their descendants having abilities increases with every generation, with no signs that any particular lineage is being left behind. It's exponential, and this does a lot to assuage people afraid that supers will conquer the world and use the rest as slaves.   Even so, there are still people who want to short circuit nature. Most of the time, it kills the experimented outright. Half the time for the rest, it leaves them disabled and usually suffering chronic pain issues of some kind. For the rest, the cost of success is deemed to have been too high.   There are a number of reasons why those whose powers came about by experimentation are viewed as unlucky at best, monstrous at worst. First of these reasons is usually that the person usually tested out their method on others first, meaning that people died for them to do what they can. Another reason is the accidental nature of most success cases, meaning that this doesn't represent a discovery as much as a idiot who happened to get lucky.   The most common reason is that the person was captured, experimented on by those who deemed themselves smarter and better than the rest of the scientific community, and was one of a scant handful to survive at all. Survivor's guilt, blame for what happened, and the general fact that this person survived something horrific and sometimes there are no words to explain just how isolated you feel after.

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