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Based on comments by Alkalannar and FreeDwooD

Basic Information


The bos have the standard four-limbed bipedal anatomy found in many species. What differentiates them from many, is the thick neck supporting their head, and the two massive horns that emerge from their forehead.

The proportions of their extremities are comparable to that of humans. Their digitigrade legs end in hooves, similar to those of Terran bovines, while their hands have three fingers and an opposable thumb each.

Simply put, the average male bos is built like a brick house, while the females maintain a slightly more slender build.

Biological Traits

While the horns of male bos do not stop growing until their death, the horns of female bos reach their maximum length a few years after maturity. As a result, females tend to have much shorter horns.

There are several subspecies of bos, similar in many ways to various Terran bovines. These include the Nasu (bison), the Talis (gaur), the Matu (yak)

Albinos, called "Aroch", are bigger, smarter, and stronger than other bos. They live longer, age slower, and can come from any subspecies.

Genetics and Reproduction

They reproduce sexually, and gestation can last up to 10 months. The female then gives live birth to a single calf. Twins have been recorded, but they are quite rare.

Growth Rate & Stages

Bos grow faster than humans. By the time they reach the age of 5, a bos is comparable to a human child twice as old. Their horns begin to grow at around that age and do not stop until they die.

At around the age of 15, when they reach adulthood, male bos undergo a brief period of rapid growth. It is during this time that their aggression comes to fore, and their bodies become covered in fur. Female bos mature faster, reaching adulthood by the age of 12.

After the age of 40, both genders will begin their decline, and it is rare to see a bos older than 55 being able to walk unassisted. Their senses dull shortly after, and many went blind before their medicine was able to remedy that.

Ecology and Habitats

Native to the planet Roch, the bos have evolved for life in great plains. They prefer vast expanses, relatively close to sea level. Moderate climates with proper seasons suit them best, as agriculture has been their major source of food for centuries.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Herbivores by nature, the bos rely on large amounts of crops to sustain their society. When they colonise a planet, they will first establish farmlands to provide for the colonists.

There have been rumours of bos eating meat in times of extreme scarcity, but no proof of this can be found in official records.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Bos organise themselves in large extended families called herds. Their size can range from a dozen or so individuals to hundreds of souls, all members of the same subspecies.

Each herd is led by a single champion, usually an albino member of the race, and the rivalry between them has been the cause of two civil wars in the past.

Larger, more powerful, herds, often take smaller ones as vassals, extending their influence even across subspecies. These affiliations are always public knowledge and the source of political manoeuvering in Arochi politics.

Facial characteristics

Unlike the mythological Minotaurs many are quick to compare them to, the bos do not have a bovine head. Their faces are like a fusion of humanoid and bovine features, with flat noses and a thick brow. Males grow long beards, while some subspecies display impressive manes.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Native to the planet Roch in the Necash system, bos can now be found in every world claimed by the Arochi Empire.

Average Intelligence

On average, the bos are only slightly less intelligent than humans. It is not enough of a difference to be noticeable at first glance. Individually, a bos can be as smart as any Terran, but their capacity for truly innovative thought diminishes when in great numbers.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

The bos have comparable senses to those of Terran bovines. There is no information regarding their ability to Attune.

Civilization and Culture

Major Organizations

The epitome of bos society is the Arochi Empire, led by the albino members of the species.

Common Customs, Traditions and Rituals

Male bos display a level of natural aggression rarely observed in sentient herbivorous species, especially space-faring ones. They would often come to blows over the slightest provocation, during their long history, a fact that led to the codification of duels.

Initially, these duels would happen regularly but, as bos society advanced, more focus would be put on discipline. Duels over trivial reasons were seen as a sign of immaturity, and few bos females would accept a male that had not grown out of that phase. Likewise, cruelty during these duels is seen as the domain of the unworthy.

For all their technological advancements, these duels remain a highly ritualised affair. The rules and the weapons are fairly archaic, though exceptions have been made on the latter. Two males enter the ring, one walks out. The fights are rarely to the death, and there are only two rules that are sacrosanct. There must be an undisputed winner, and all further hostilities between parties must end.

When the bos encounter an opponent they deem honourable, the duelling rules apply to them as well. Such a group is allowed to choose a single champion, and a duel takes place. If the champion fights honourably, the race is allowed to become a vassal of the bos' Arochi Empire. If the champion wins, they are to be left alone. So far, nobody has won.

Common Taboos

The single most vile act someone can do in bos culture is to violate the rules of a duel. When that happens, the group they represent is deemed treacherous and worthy of extermination by any means necessary. The bos consider such individuals outlaws, and no punishment is cruel enough for one that violates their most sacred tenets.


Hailing from the planet Roch in the Necash system, the bos are a race that has dominated their part of the Milky Way for centuries. Countless worlds have fallen under their hooves over the ages, but the Bos show no sign of slowing down.

Scientific Name
Bos urus rochi
70 years for males, 75 for females
Conservation Status
Average Height
2.5m for males, 2.3m for females
Average Weight
200kg for males, 160kg for females
Average Physique
Fit and muscular, specifics vary per subspecies.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
The bos display all variations of fur colour that can be found in Terran bovines, along with several that are unique to them. Different bloodlines have different patterns associated with them.

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