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Arochi Empire

Based on comments by Alkalannar and FreeDwooD


An extension of the bos hierarchy, the Empire is led by the High Council. The ten most influential herds are represented in it, and the Emperor is chosen from within their ranks. While the Emperor can break a tie in the council, they do not hold absolute rule except in times of war. The constant battle for dominance among council members has been the main reason for the slow advancement of the Arochi Empire, according to some.

The champions of the the most influential herds in each area, are responsible for interpreting and upholding Arochi law. The Champion Court is the supreme judicial body in the Empire, and all lesser courts defer to its ruling. In times of peace, even the Emperor is expected to comply with the Court's decisions, and not doing so is cause for immediate removal.

Demography and Population

The vast majority of Arochi are bos. Apsasu and Lamassu comprise the second largest demographic, while Anansi and Urakten can be found in smaller numbers. Impis can often be seen in the outskirts of the Empire.


All able-bodied male citizens of the Empire are expected to serve in the military for a minimum of five years. Bos conscripts make the bulk of the Arochi army and are organised in regiments. Other species are kept as auxiliary forces, usually taking roles deemed too dishonourable or demeaning for the bos.

Rivalries between bos regiments, especially those from different planets, run deep. Honour duels between champions are fairly common, though rarely resulting in serious injury. These duels are highly regulated and encouraged by the officers as a way to relieve tension among the troops.

The Arochi Empire military doctrine relies on the use of heavy infantry, using the natural aggression and size of the bos to maximum advantage. The troops are clad in thick armour and are armed with a tower shield and a sidearm. Officers are also expected to carry a melee weapon, while assault teams forgo the shield in favour of heavier firearms.

Geopolitical, Empire
Alternative Names
Arochs, Bos Empire
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Government System
Monarchy, Elective
Power Structure
Unitary state
Economic System
Post-scarcity economy
Legislative Body
High Council
Judicial Body
Champion Court

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