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Sundered Realms

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Imagine a world where every myth is real, where creatures of legends walk side by side with humans, as they live their lives.   This is not this world.   Humanity had been enslaved for centuries, suffering under cruel and uncaring masters with a superiority complex. Eventually, the humans rose up and drove every other creature either to extinction or off the face of the world. This started the first Era, the time of Myths.   The mythical creatures, along with some humans, fled into the realm of Mithbar, the closest plane of existence to that of Earth. There, they did their best to carve out a new life. Some grew, some died, nobody was left the same.   And, on Earth, history resumed as we all know it ...until 2010 CE.   In a series of cataclysmic events known as "The Sundering", life on Earth changed dramatically. It was the end of the time of Man, and the beginning of the third Era, that of Legends.   More than three billion died from natural disasters, and several thousand were slain as the once-gone mythical creatures returned. Ancient nations were revived, alliances shifted and wars broke out.   Four hundred years later, the outer realms had crept into the realm of Earth, and it was time for all Terrans to leave their cradle world behind. By 2510 CE, the evacuation was complete, and the people of Earth had colonized a dozen different systems.   Thus, began the Era of Exploration.   Pick an Era - doesn't matter which, there will be plenty to do and see - and come join us as we explore a world that could have been.

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