Vox's Wall

In response to rampant banditry along the five kings road, Paravicar Donaldo Vox designed a wall alongside the road that would serve as a fortification and barrier guard forces could use to combat lawless bands of brigands.

Purpose / Function

Vox mobilized the Order of the Torch's Signifiers to carve runes into stone of the wall and conduct Animating  rituals on the wall and statues imbedded in it.  The wall would wait for badits to set an ambush then surround them in a stone coil to subdue them and bring them back to Ifauz Citadel to face justice.


Vox designed a four-foot-tall wall with two-foot machicolations; statues of prominent knights of the order were also added. Runes caved across the wall serve to animate these statues, sections, or even the entire wall.


The wall had an immediate effect on the wilderness of Judgement Hill. the Torchbearers quickly captured an entire Band of Free Coin Thieves. Shortly after the Order left Jaskhurt for Usherya and the wall became dormant for a time. A few weeks ago travelers have reported a stone wall streatched across the path to the citadel.
Founding Date
Wall section
Parent Location


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