The Saolish people have spread from their origins across much of Saskhij  and Geiddnir. They are the true legacy of the once-great Empire of Saol, whose lands once encompassed numerous and varied kingdoms. While the Saol may have shrunk since its golden days, the Saolish people live on, still inhabiting all of their former territories and beyond.


Shared customary codes and values

Saolish are inherently a lawful people who take great care and pride in following the rules set out by the community. On the other hand, they also often look for a loophole or exception in the rules, anything that might give them an advantage over a competitor. They take orders easily (as long as they come from a legitimate or respected source) and are quite skilled at working in a team for the greater good.

Common Customs, traditions and rituals

The worship of Andreus  is the state religion of Saol, Saolish living abroad can be found venerating a wider range of deities; the most popular are Mekfir, Estvopir, Phaebu, and Nizvit.


Beauty Ideals

Saol who can afford it favor rich clothes that allow them to show off their wealth and stature, but that rarely becomes as opulent and gaudy as the fashions of Tordal.  In colder Saskhij, velvet or silk gowns or doublets are popular, often lined with brocades or trimmed with lace. In places where protection is paramount, armor is inscribed or etched and weapons are filigreed. Those with more modest means, or who wish to blend in with the general populace dress down to suit the circumstances, but never disguise their confidence and bearing.

Major organizations

Skilled Heritage

Requirements Human Ancestry
Description Your ingenuity allows you to train in a wide variety of skills. You become trained in one skill of your choice. At 5th level, you become an expert in the chosen skill.


Author's Notes

Adapted From pathfinderwiki- Chelaxian (human ethnicity)

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